DF5JJ / DJ5NQ 2-Way-AM-QSO 660nm over 58km   JN57BN/JN47QQ, 23.August 2016, 19:00 UTC,
RST 59+/59+, S/N >=80dB RX saturated!

TX: Ant. D=600mm F=600mm UVT Fresnel lens, 660nm LED 3W out 50% into 0.4° beamwidth

DF5JJ/P JN57BN - Laser-TRCV    Lightfire of Port Konstanz/Bodensee, Lake Constance JN47OP18, received in JN57BN, distance 70km, S/N=70dB
                                                         RX: 200mm f=2000mm SC-Telescope, BPW34 frontend (KA7OEI design), date: 30.Sept.2015

DF5JJ - SM2CEW, 432 MHz-Meteor Scatter, Geminiden 2003    2 bursts (1.5 sec.) of DF5JJ  transmission (FSK441A), 1511km

GW4DGU - DF5JJ, 432 MHz-Meteor Scatter, Geminiden 2004   1bursts (900msec.) of GW4DGU transmission (FSK441A), 974km

DF5JJ - OK1TEH, 432 MHz-Aurora   RST 59A of DF5JJ transmission (CW), JN43XO-JO70FD

EA6ADW (=DF5JJ) - HB9BBD, 1296 MHz-EME   Moonbounce signal of DF5JJ transmission (SSB), JM19LU-JN47

QTF Oberstdorf/Nebelhorn

Latest sun pic in white light
"Courtesy of SOHO (ESA & NASA)"

Latest sun pic in H-Alpha
"Courtesy of NASA/SDO and the AIA, EVE, and HMI science teams."

X-ray of the sun: Status der Röntgenstrahlung
State of earth magnetic field: Status des Erdmagnetfeldes
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