dish1 ea6adw6
First installation 3.7m in 3/1993  Ready for first 1296MHz-EME from EA6 on 23.rd april 1993 Change location down to the field in April 1995 ( 2304MHz-EME). "Sheep do´nt like EME!"

Increasing dish from 3.7m (f/d=0.33) to 5.5m (f/d=0.22) in July 1995 (60°C in sun!)

5.5m ready to go, uff!

My wife+gardener creating the new garden to cover the techniques!! Dish in moon-position, (south) with low declination "Ooh, what chaos!"

View to the Bay of Pollenca (from 1000mASL in JM19LU, not available by car). So EA6ADW/P worked at the left hills at the Cape Formentor, JM19NW. 
My EME-QTH is the left valley directly at foot of this position (110mASL with 5° to 17° takeoff  to the mountains around! Good for EME moonbounce, bad for Tropo!)

Here I hade easy going to top of  JM19NW with big view to horizon. 
Equipment had been supplied from 12V of the car.