Description of my professional job
Since 1985 I am active as service technician. At present I am senior radio technician at Radio Holland Germany.
My essential functions include the following:
  • Service all electronic communication and navigation systems utilized by customers of the professional sea shipping.
  • Test and examine electronic components and circuits to locate defects, using multimeter, signal generators, oscilloscopes, spectrum analysers, network analysers, frequency counters and other specialized measuring devices.
  • Replace defective components and wiring, adjust and calibrate electronical and mechanical parts.
  • Mount, secure, inter-connect and check the operation of its.
  • Good skill to product own designed mechanics for very different requirements. Ability in weldering, soldering soft and hard, milling, drilling, thread-drilling etc.
  • Gather information from users to diagnose problems with equipment.
  • Synthesize complex or divers information; Collect and research datas; Use intuition and experience to complement datas; Design work flows and procedures.
  • Identify and resolve problems in a timely manner; Gather and analyze informations skillfully and logical.
  • Speciality is the development of alternative solutions in case of not having spare parts on board. Often solve special faults by repairing PCBs using circuit diagram, solder iron and some components in my pocket.
  • Always looking for ways to improve and promote quality and increase productivity; Demonstrate accuracy, thoroughness and responsibility. Represent my company and my competency in a professional way. Ideal combination of experienced technician and skilled salesman.
  • Developement and Design of electronic systems special in microwave stripline circuits and antenna systems.
  • Train Radio Technicians. Instruct technical officer crew on board when required.

    Environmental Factors
  • Ability to perform duties both outside and inside in varying conditions. The work invironment includes regulary works on board, it means on navigation bridge, antenna deck and mast, steering room, machine room etc. By the way service Theimeg industry remote systems and data links. Mobil locations are the craans and locomotives.
  • My service locations already were all famous ports in Europe, in special urgent problems also North- and Southamerica. For several duties I attended the vessels during sailing e.g. Northsea, Eastsea, Mediterranean Sea, Middle/South-Atlantic, Caribian Sea. Working under extreme conditions like high winds, tropic climatics or extrem cold temperatures already happens.

    Psychological Factors
  • Ability to maintain pleasant working relationships.
  • Ability to perform under stressful situation and/or multiple tasks with accomplish the work successful.
  • Flexibility to deal with frequent change of location, working time and duration.



Overview of my already done service repertoir:
For detailed descriptions of some components start navigation task here!


Marine radar: Tokimec BR300, BR3440, Rascar3400, Tokyo Keiki Series, Racal Decca RM-series, Anritsu RA501,504,724,752,RU722,G57, Furuno FR1505/10/25, Sperry Bridgemaster, MR1200, AR-L31K, KelvinHughesRSR1000,
River radar:     Racal Decca RR1216,RR1250,RR2050, Sperry MK-serie,
                         JRC JMA607, Furuno , Radio Holland RHRS2005, Kelvin Hughes RSR1000
Autopilot:  Tokimec PR200,PR2000,PR6000,PR7000,PR8000
Riverpilot:  Radio Zealand

Gyrocompass:  Tokimec TG100/200/3000/5000/6000, ES100

Magnetcompass: Tokimec, Claasen&Plath Reflecta 1

GMDSS: JRC-serie, Anritsu
MF/HF-Transceiver:  R&S, Debeg,, STC Senator1200, JRC, Furuno FS1570, FS5000, Anritsu RSS112, Marconi Oceanlink 400, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu
Inmarsat-A: Felcom SB, Anritsu RSS401
Inmarsat-B: JRC, Anritsu RSS402,
Inmarsat-C: Anritsu RSS403A
, RSS405, RSS406, Sailor H2068

VHF-TRCVR:  plenty modells of Debeg, JRC, Dantronik, Eissing, Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu

Weatherfax: Furuno 207

Doppler Speedlog: Tokimec TD310, TD501
Echosounders: FE606

Rate of turn indicator: Debeg 4800, RZ300/Euro300, Atlas

VDR: M2 Consilium

AIS: Furuno FA100, Saab R4

GPS: different marine models

Radio remote transceiver: Theimeg KF17, GA40, EC30, EC40, EC-LO, TC100, TC200

Independent jobs:

  • Stand-alone development, series production and series installation of several circuits to interface the central PC to the automatisized transport craane steerings. Location was the big production hall of a famous steel company in Duisburg. All final stages drive contactless to the motor power steering.
  • Several VHF/UHF-developments and productions for special required specifications of the clients:
    HiQ-rf-filters and diplexer, VHF-driver and HiPwrTube-Amps for broadcasting (88-108 MHz), 2.5GHz-Amps for data-RF-Links,
    Calculation and production (small series) of several antennas (Longyagis and dish systems) for data/gsm and sat-links on UHF and SHF (0.9 / 1.6 / 2.5 GHz).
  • Measurements: Localisation of disturbing transmitters, freefieldstrenght/attenuation of directive rf-links, network-analysis of gms-transponder (900/1800 MHz), antenna performances (marine 100kHz-162MHz, remoting trcvr 2m/70cm, gsm , inmarsat 1.6 GHz, datalinks 2.5 GHz, slotted waveguide radar antennas 3GHz/9.4GHz)

Radio Amateur Biography:

  • 1976 Examination to radio licence DB1EY
  • 1978 Examination in telegraphy to radio licence DF5JJ
  • 1977 Built my firsts VHF/UHF-Power-transmitters. With it I made plenty of directive radio communications via Aurora, Meteorscatter, Sporadic E-Layers and Troposcatter (Distances up to 3000km).
  • 1980-1984 Built SSB/CW-microwave transceiver/transverter for 1.3GHz, 2.3GHz, 3.5GHz and 10GHz. Several initial contacts from germany to other countries with distances up to 1200km.
  • 1992 Built a complete moonbounce radio station 432MHz inclusive antenna production (big yagi array). With it I worked 120 stations in 24 countries. It was the historical first 70cm-signal on the moon from Spain/Balearics.
  • 1993 Built a complete moonbounce radio station 1296MHz. Production of 5.5m-parabolic dish, all RF-moduls, LNAs, HiPwrAmp (1kW out) and computer-aid-moontracking (azimuth/elevation/doppler) with camera steered tracking as backup. In 4 years worked around 900 stations in 31 countries. It was the historical first 23cm-signal on the moon from Spain/Balearics. Also with it I measured several astronomic noise-sources e.g. Cycnus, Saggitarius, Cassiopeia, Sun and Moon. Simultaneous I create a software with high accuracy to calculate that measurments by inputted all system parameters, sky- and antenna temperaturs, measure frequency and solar flux.
  • 1994 Built a complete moonbounce radio station 2304/2320/2424MHz inclusive antenna production. With it I worked 11 different stations in 8 countries. It was the historical first 13cm-signal on the moon from Spain/Balearics.
  • 1995 Got a additional spanish radio license with call sign EA6ADW (1992-1996 used EA6/DF5JJ on the moon)
  • 1996-1997 Did several lectures (e.g. GHz-Meeting in Dorsten, GHz-Meeting at Radioteleskop Effelsberg/Stockert) and publications about my astronomic experiments and developments.
  • 1995-1998 Built a narrowband directive link 10GHz/24GHz-radio station. With it I made successfully measure links over 1200km distance and 400km on 24GHz. I analyze the different hydrogen attenuations and reflection factors at tropospheric inversion layers . Simultaneous I create a software to simulate signal strenghts in relation to all weather datas, topographic profils and station parameters.
  • 1993-2000 I develope (used simulation software Touchstone/EESOF) several low noise amplifier. I built several coaxial cavity amps (>1kW output on 432/1296/2304MHz). Realize a TWT-Amplifier with power supply to drive a monoband-6GHz-TWTube in duoband mode 5GHz and 10GHz. Design, simulation and realization of a coaxial cavity HiPwrAmp (tetrode tube) for 50MHz, 2000W CW-output, good IM-characteristic and high linearity. All devices runs successful in my moonbounce setup.
  • 2001-2004 Built a 10GHz/24GHz-rainscatter-station with a range of 800km. At present I prepared it for remote controll via 5GHz-WLAN-link over 5km distance. Location will be the Lufthansa-Yard at Hamburg Airport. The selfmade software steers serial the transceiver, both transverters, all PAs and both azimuth/elevation motors with 0.1deg resolution. The transfer of the AF-signals are obligatory. Two high speed 8-channel-12bit-AD-converters transfers all measure datas (PA currents/voltages/temperaturs, output powers, antenna reflection power and calibrated rcvr-signal strenght) to the host computer. Of course you also can remote it via internet round the world.
  • 2004 A second 10GHz-equipment for moonbounce link (EME) is nearly finished. It is a high performance system with LNA 0.4dB noise figure, 50W CW-output and a 1.20m-precision-offset-dish. For a frequency accuracy of better 1 Hz on 10368MHz a special PLL locked the 60°C-oven controlled OCXO to a rubidium-10MHz-oszillator. Full compatible to the rainscatter station and so its also remotable. It produce detectable moon echos (S+N/N = 3dB at spectrum analyzer) over a distance of 700000km.
  • 2002-2004 Design of a new weather radar in 9.4GHz-band. The transmitter has 25kW, PRF=50Hz, 5µS, the receiver has 0.5dB noise figure and a narrow-band-IF-amp.The maximum range with the present software is up to 1200km on its screen of a laptop. With tropospheric irregularities you will see the surface topography (depend of object typ) up to range limit. A first test with a low power 1Watt-transistor-transmitter, 10µS-puls and a 34dBi-antenna produced good rainscatter echos up to 400km. Due to my professional occupation the HiPwr-project is freezes presently.

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