w1800 20160826 NGC7000 EF300 A7R iso3200 10x30

ObjectNGC7000 North America Nebula / IC5070 Pelican Nebula
Constellation: Cygnus
Position: RA 20h 59m 17.1s DEC +44° 31′ 44″
Apparent Size: 120 × 100 arcmin
Apparent Magnitude: +4.0
Distance (average) 1600 ly
Photo Datas 
Date 26.08.2016, 20:50 UTC
Location Knottenried/Oberallgäu, 1002m ASL
GPS: 47°36’13“ N, 10°11’24“ E
Sky darkness SQM-L Zenit 20.7mag/sqrsec, Object 20.4mag/sqrsec
Ground Temp./Air Pressure 13.5°C /1025mbar
Thermal sky temp./weather  -42°C Zenit
Telescope Canon f/2.8 300mm IS I USM
Camera Sony A7Ra mod @ T sensor=16.7°C
Expose frames ISO 3200, RAW 10x30s, 4 darks
Total expose
5 min
Filter no
Mount FS2
Guiding Cam no
Software DSS 3.3.4, Photoshop CC
Remarks My first astro photo with the modified cam (quick shot).

C 2016 Peter Cerveny