Peter Cerveny
EA6ADW (EA6/DF5JJ), JM19LU , Balearic Islands/Spain
Operating periode 1992-1999.

First Earth-Moon-Earth-Radiostation (moonbounce)
on 70cm/23cm/13cm-Band  from EA6.

Listing of all first ever EA6-DXCC-contacts via moon.
Photogallery of EME-Station.

432 MHz:      
5.5m dish, f/d=0.22,  horiz.polarisation, feed=1 wl ringquad/refl., 1500Wout (-0.5dB cable), LNA MGF1302 nf=0.3dB, G/T=6.5dB

1296 MHz:
5.5m dish,  f/d=0.22, circ. or lin.hor/vert-pol, feed=VE4MA-horn + hybrid, 1000Wout (-1.0dB cable), LNA FHX35cavity nf=0.25dB
G/T=18.8dB, CS/G=8.0dB, own Echos (250Hz) 13-16dB S/N, with 10W "M"-Echos, with 3 - 5W detectable
smallest stations: wkd 2 yagis 1000W, 3m-dish 70W, copied 1.80m 150W
Radiosources measured on 1296MHz: 
Cassiopeia 1.0dB, Cycnus 1.0dB, Moon 0.7dB, Earth 8.0dB at 25°C, Sun 17.4dB at Flux 69 / 19.8dB at flux 120 (1998)

2304 MHz:
5.5m dish,  f/d=0.22, feed=VE4MA-circular-horn, 150Wout (-1.6dB cable), LNA NE42484  nf=0.50dB 
G/T=22.5dB, own echos 6-8dB, +RX-Converter 2320 + 2424 MHz 
Moonnoise=0.5dB, Earth=7.0dB

10368 MHz:
3.7m Segment (mesh with 40% efficiency), Trvtr 0.80dB nf, 1W out, 25W-TWT

EME-standings:  last update 14th.july 1999 
432MHz:    #69 stations,  DXCC 24, States 18, SQR   66,  ODX 10522km, 
                 First QSO at 07.june1992 , total 120 QSOs
1296MHz:  #147 stations,  DXCC 31, States 25, Grids 106,  ODX 16348km
                 First QSO at 23.april1993 , total 842 QSOs ( 40 in SSB),  WAC 1996 
2304MHz:  #9 stations,  DXCC  8,  States   1, SQR    8,  ODX  8450km
                 First QSO at 02.april1995 , total   11 QSOs ( 1 in SSB)

EME-Station: 5.5m-Dish on 432MHz, 1296MHz,